rabbit stud services

We offer stud services to breeders who would like to introduce new genes into their line up. We are very proud of our bucks, and excited to be able share their genetics.

We are an ARBA registered, family-owned rabbitry nestled perfectly between Murfreesboro and Franklin, TN. Our bunnies are raised on pasture in our orchard, enjoying wild herbs, grass, and fruit and veggie scraps. They are handled daily by people of all ages.


vm (Blue eyed) black angora

Avi is our VM (blue eyed) Black Angora buck. He is an excellent stud, and produces absolutely beautiful kits. His fiber is thick and soft, and spins well for experienced spinners. His temperament is silly and sweet. He tends to be high energy, but loves a good snuggle.

stud fee: $125


pedigreed Holland lop: vm (blue eyed) broken otter

Skye is our Pedigreed VM (blue eyed) broken otter Holland Lop. He is an excellent stud, and produces absolutely beautiful kits. His temperament can only be described as regal - he is always sweet, but carries himself as if he knows he is something special

stud fee: $150 (pedigree included)


pedigreed Holland lop: seal

Theo is an amazing stud, and produces the most incredible kits. He has a very calm temperament, and will snuggle anyone who gives him the chance, human and animal alike. He was the very first pedigreed lop on the farm, so he holds a special place in our hearts.

stud fee: $150 (pedigree included)

how does it work?

We'll schedule a 30 - 60 minute visit to our farm, where your doe will be bred to the buck of your choice 3 times, back to back. We cannot guarantee the survival of any litter, especially for first time mamas - but if your doe does not give birth within 42 days, you can bring her back to be bred again at zero additional cost. In our experience at POCO, we have found that waiting to breed until a doe is at least 8 months old has increased the chances of having a surviving litter.