We are constantly inspired by farmers who dedicate themselves to nourishing people and the land simultaneously. Nature is so beautifully healing, and we love that no matter what efforts we put into farming, we are rewarded far more abundantly than any amount we could ever give.

You'll find our whole family working out on the farm - at least half of us in our bare feet. We fertilize our garden with compost right from our bunny farm, and never get near our plants with a single chemical - so the earth and your body will thank you later!

our popcorn

Popcorn is such an underrated snack! As a 100% whole grain, it's high in fiber, and supports heart and digestive health. It has even been said to be able to reduce the risk of some types of cancer. Our popcorn is grown with so much love, I'm surprised they don't just burst right on the stock.

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launching 2024!!!! **