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Hi, I'm Emery

You might know my mom, Wrenn.

She has always taught me about the healing powers of nature.

Our bodies can actually heal themselves, when we give them the right tools. So many of the flowers you see in the bouquets at the grocery store have secret special healing benefits that you're missing out on!

thanks so much for being here!

I knew I wanted to be a florist when I was 4 years old, and started selling flowers when I was 5. Since then, I have started a CSA, done florals for weddings, founded a club for kids, and taught hundreds of people about the benefits of dozens of different herbal flowers.

I was awarded a scholarship to the Floret workshop in 2022, and have been featured in news articles and online zines across the world.



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In 2021 I had to start limiting the number of CSA subscriptions I could fulfill.

In the beginning, I was delivering my herbal bouquets straight to the doorsteps of my clients. Eventually my client base grew to cover over 300 miles, and we had to make a change if we wanted to keep growing. Now you can choose from one of my meet-up locations, and pick up your bouquet from there once a month! I always include a card with a list of benefits, as well as a recipe for you to try with your new herbal flowers.

Cost: $12. per month

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flowers united

My brother, sister, and I love learning about the wild herbs in our back yard, and teaching other kids about how to forage, propagate, and benefit from them. We started the Flowers United club as a platform to spread the word. If you live in Middle Tennessee, your family can join us on the third Saturday of every month! *

cost: $5. per family

This helps me to pay for enough seeds to share with everyone,

as well as the ingredients for the recipe we will make using the herb of the month.

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* Hey guys, Wrenn here!

For the safety of all of our littles, this club is by referral only. We have had to deal with creepy strangers in the past, and we're just not willing to risk that. If you know somebody personally who we know personally, please sign up and join us!!