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How to learn alongside your children and instill a love of lifelong learning

Wednesday, October 19, 2022

Whenever we talk to people about homeschooling, we are inevitably met with questions about how long we intend to keep it up. I have struggled to understand why people think this is temporary.

You see, while others might view this lifestyle as a way to protect, or shelter children, the way I view it is that we are giving them unique opportunities to grow that would otherwise be impossible.

Our 9 year old runs a floral business, and has been for 4 years now. She sets her pricing, calculates cost for materials, meets with suppliers and potential clients, and has even carried on interviews with reporters, confidently and independently sharing her passion. She is learning problem solving skills, when her garden isn’t thriving, and she specializes in teaching people how to use flowers for their medicinal benefits.

Our 7 year old has taken a deep interest in programming and engineering. He even thinks of reading in a mathematical way, and struggled to love studying words until he taught himself to see it differently. Many of his days are spent building cars and robots, and he somehow manages to figure out how to make them work, without ever being taught.

Our 5 year old chases every dream. She knows just how to help us on the bunny farm, and talks about being a veterinarian one day. For now, she is completely content with dancing in the orchard and singing at the top of her lungs, embracing her childhood to the maximum.

While we know their plans and dreams might, and probably will, change one day...maybe even next year or next month, we never want to deprive them of setting and achieving goals, or chasing dreams, just because they're young. Maybe we won't have a florist in the family ten years down the road, but I don't think we'll ever regret lifting her and supporting her, and encouraging her. It's not about time, or money spent, but rather experience gained. In our house, we call it intellectual income.

I believe in childhood. I believe in freedom and imagination. I believe in differences of opinion and strength. I believe in chasing dreams, and creating beautiful things.

There is so much more to learning than books and long division, and I consider myself absolutely capable. Capable of giving them every tool they need to have the confidence it takes to seek out and learn anything their hearts desire for the fullness of their lives. You see, it's never been about me, or my level of knowledge and experience. It's all about them. All I have to do is show them that they can.

So if you're wondering how long I think I can maintain this lifestyle, and continue to teach my answer is forever.

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